Maison Brisset
Aparador by Finn Juhl 1955

Aparador by Finn Juhl 1955

Aparador con cajones diseño de Finn Juhl editado por House of Finn Juhl

Estructura en nogal, teca, roble o pino de Oregón. Base en acero "hand burnished" con pies en madera.

Dimensiones (cm)

Ancho 176,5
Fondo 46,7
Alto 89,5

Finn Juhl was preoccupied with shapes and colours during all of his life because of his great interest in cubist and surrealistic art. Finn Juhl was a pioneer with regards to including colour as an active element in space, furniture and textiles. This he did with a rare confidence so that his arrangements appear with great sensuality as a coherent whole – “Gesamtkunstwerk”.

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