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Nyhavn Dining Table  Finn Juhl 1953

Nyhavn Dining Table Finn Juhl 1953

Mesa Nyhavn diseño de Finn Juhl editada por House of Finn Juhl

con 2 alas.

Estructura metal lacado naranja con pies de madera, sobre y alas en nogal con linóleo negro.

Dimensiones (cm)

Largo 170 (Abierta 278)
Ancho 85
Alto 72,5

About the Nyhavn table:

Around 1950 Finn Juhl was inspired by the simple design of his American colleagues – in particular Charles Eames, and having sworn by wood as his favourite material for years, he creates a range of furniture in steel with more simplicity. The Nyhavn Dining Table is an example of this – and despite its simple exterior – the table is quite special and has lots of character thanks to Finn Juhl´s sense of detail and functionality.
3695 EUR