Maison Brisset
PALETTE TABLE JH8 by Jaime Hayón

PALETTE TABLE JH8 by Jaime Hayón

Dimensiones (cm):

Fondo 66,3 
Ancho 54,9
Alto 57


Latón, acero lacado negro, mármol Rojo Levante y fresno teñido azul.

“Tables are where people exchange ideas, express emotions and connect with each other,” explains Spanish artist / designer Jaime Hayón. “As a multi-purpose object, why not design a multi-tiered table where different sizes, shapes, colours and materials converge together? Like one of Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures. Various shapes suspended in air but kept in place, supported by a metal armature. Creating a curious equilibrium that resembles a mobile - only static.”

1195 EUR